Building a foundation for continued success – Numerica renovates Fort Collins building

As one of the leading defense technology companies in the country, Numerica is building a foundation for continued success in Fort Collins, Colo. as renovations are currently underway at a new facility located at 4450 Denrose Ct. Numerica purchased this existing industrial space in September 2021 to support the development of their optical space surveillance sensors and short-range air defense radar systems.

An estimated 1,784 cubic yards of concrete were poured this month to cover the existing 23,955 square feet of turf field from the previous multi-sport facility. In total, approximately 32,870 square feet will be transformed to accommodate offices, manufacturing space and high bay labs. Once complete and fully operational, the new building will be home to 55 Numericans including experts in product engineering, supply chain and manufacturing operations, of those 44 will be new employees.

“We are building out this space to handle an expanded lab, prototyping facility and the complete assembly, calibration and test infrastructure for our optical and RF sensor product lines,” Numerica President Jeff Poore said. “In addition, we are completely renovating 8,915 square feet to accommodate expanded engineering, supply chain and manufacturing teams. We are looking forward to our vision becoming a reality very soon.”

Over the last year, the Numerica team has introduced several revolutionary advancements to assist with global air and missile defense as well as space domain awareness. Combining their in-depth defense software with a productized offering they introduced Spyglass™ Radar, built to address critical gaps in the short-range air defense radar market. This U.S.-made, 3D radar solution for Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS) and other short-range defense missions provides all-weather, precision tracking and identification of drone threats.

In the area of space domain awareness, Numerica recently addressed the need to improve the security of commercial and government interests 24/7 in both low Earth orbit (LEO) and geostationary orbit (GEO). They now offer the world’s only commercial GEO daytime and nighttime tracking service and an impressive telescope network comprised of more than 120 optical sensors spanning 18 sites worldwide to offer the most complete commercially available, on-demand deep-space catalog.

This new facility, along with the other two locations Numerica has in Colorado, will support advancements such as these as well as allow for new innovations to come to life. Partnering with Elder Construction, renovations are expected to be complete in early 2022.

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