Numerica on-demand tasking capabilities improve 24/7 space domain awareness

To help close temporal coverage gaps and augment existing radar-enabled capabilities, our team has extended its optical tracking capabilities and on-demand tasking capabilities to include low Earth orbit (LEO) space domain awareness (SDA) data collection on a global scale.

The importance of tracking objects in space

While space is known as an infinite realm, Earth’s orbit is far less vast, making the orbital range for satellites both limited and increasingly crowded. As a market leader in space domain awareness, Numerica has continued to challenge the status quo. Numerica data and sensor systems improve 24/7 space domain awareness with on-demand tasking capabilities and robust solutions improve the security of commercial and government interests in both LEO and geostationary orbit (GEO).

For GEO satellite tracking, Numerica’s 24/7 on-demand tasking capabilities are already making a difference and enabling operational customers to extend surveillance into daylight hours. The Numerica Telescope Network (NTN) continues to track thousands of objects in deep space (including GEO). This is made possible via a newly developed easy-to-use NTN tasking interface.

Numerica’s taskable GEO tracking service includes:

  • Global nighttime coverage of GEO
  • Global daytime coverage of GEO (by EOY 2021)
  • Real-time data stream on thousands of satellites in deep space including GEO

Numerica’s taskable LEO tracking service includes:

  • New NTN sites offering expansive viewing opportunities of LEO due to their daytime optical capability
  • Upgraded NTN sites enabling twilight and nighttime optical LEO tracking
  • Real-time dissemination of observations, state estimates and other data products

Exquisite angular measurements from the NTN are now available as part of this LEO satellite tracking service.

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