Numerica Nets $900K Navy Contract

Numerica  is the prime contractor on a $900,000 contract to develop state-of-the-art resource scheduling algorithms for the United States Navy.

Naval operations are often conducted using battle groups consisting of aircraft carriers, guided missile cruisers, destroyers, attack submarines and supply ships. While deployed, the battle group must defend itself against many threats, including cruise missiles, hostile aircraft and ballistic missiles in complex raid scenarios. Under the newly awarded 18-month contract, Numerica will work to coordinate radar resources across the entire battle group to optimize force effectiveness and maximize ship survivability.

To accomplish this, Numerica is developing the Force-Level Radar Resource Management (FLRRM) suite of advanced algorithms for integrated air and missile defense. FLRRM will enable a more resilient and efficient sensor network system for the Navy that adapts to changes – including new threats, loss of sensors and communication failures – by shifting the radar load in real time.

The principal investigator for the contract is Numerica Research Scientist Scott Miller, Ph.D., who recently won a $1 million Small Business Innovation Research Phase II contract to develop a battle management solution for the United States Missile Defense Agency.

Numerica’s FLRRM technology will leverage and build upon the company’s growing portfolio of mature resource management algorithms developed for Department of Defense applications.

“Advanced resource management technology will enable the Navy to do more with existing radars,” said Numerica President Jeff Poore. “It’s an honor for our scientists to offer this kind of solution to enhance the Nation’s defense.”