Numerica and AGI Announce Partnership to Provide Enhanced Space Object Tracking Capabilities

Numerica Corporation and Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI) announce a partnership to bring new tracking technology to the space industry that will enable improved observation processing to significantly enhance the protection of government and commercial space assets.

Under the new agreement, Numerica’s Multiple Frame Assignment Space Tracker (MFAST), a multi-target, multi-sensor tracking system for space surveillance, has been integrated into AGI’s Space Situational Awareness (SSA) Software Suite® to provide enhanced tracking capabilities for satellite owners and operators, as well as for space operations centers. MFAST processes data from a network of radar and optical sensors to help catalog newly-discovered objects such as those generated from colliding spacecraft or debris. Equipped with a more complete view of the space environment, the user can exploit this information to improve predictive capabilities and ultimately take more informed courses of action.

MFAST was developed, in part, through the Air Force’s Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program. The agreement between Numerica and AGI represents a successful commercial transition of SBIR-funded research and development.  Through this integration effort, the team has identified and implemented techniques to not only improve the MFAST tracking performance but also to reduce the software’s runtime.

“Both government and commercial satellite owners and operators have a significant need to protect their assets in a highly congested space environment,” said Jeff Poore, President of Numerica. “Through our partnership with the AGI, we have a significant opportunity to deliver meaningful technology that will improve the security of our commercial and national security interests in space.”

About Numerica Since 1996, Numerica Corporation has been a research and development small business leader solving some of the world’s most challenging information science problems. Our team develops advanced mathematical algorithms and software for tracking targets, fusing data, managing uncertainty, optimizing operations, and integrating networks. Numerica’s technology solutions translate complex data streams into real-time, actionable information for U.S. Department of Defense agencies, NASA, law enforcement, and commercial customers. Numerica provides state-of-the-art solutions in the areas of air and missile defense, space situational awareness, cyber security, law enforcement analytics and more. For more information, visit

About AGI Analytical Graphics, Inc. delivers software applications and development tools for timely and cost-effective development and deployment of space, defense, and intelligence missions. AGI products are used for modeling, engineering, and operations in the areas of space, cyberspace, aircraft, missile defense, C4ISR, and electronic systems. For more information, visit