Numerica Spyglass Radar - Air Defense

Proven Technology for Air Defense System Integrators

With capabilities trusted by DoD customers to power some of the Nation’s most important integrated air and missile defense systems and proven effectiveness at the tactical edge, Numerica offers integrators a collection of sensor and software capabilities that enable better-than-class performance for their air defense platforms and payloads.

    • Spyglass. Utilizing innovative Ku-Band phased array technology, the Spyglass radar provides long-range detection and tracking of even the smallest UAS threats all with the smallest RF signature of any comparable radar on the market.
    • MIMIR. Lightweight C2 software for sensor, weapon and user integration where truly seamless capabilities are needed to meet the mission. Delivers real-time, accurate threat tracking through multi-sensor fusion at the tactical edge.

Numerica’s products offer integrators the ability to rapidly deploy highly effective single-platform integrated systems as well as multi-platform capabilities for distributed and disaggregated operations at scale.

Numerica Spyglass Radar - Air Defense

Single Platform Integrated System Benefits

Achieve better-than-class performance in your integrated system using technology built on Numerica’s long history of solving our customer’s most challenging problems in integrated air defense systems. Benefits for platform integrators include:


  • Spyglass radar. Reduce your platform’s RF signature and improve its ability to put effects on targets. Leveraging patented advances in radar signal processing and software technologies that power the most advanced integrated air and missile defense systems, Spyglass is a powerful and adaptable radar solution for air and ground threat detection and tracking.
  • MIMIR. Don’t let component interfaces get in the way. MIMIR connects the dots between system components leveraging open standards and commercial technologies to ease the integration of sensors and effectors. Built on MFATS for a clean, consistent and precise picture of your platform’s threat data, MIMIR provides the connection to the user with a lightweight display for system configuration and control and the tools necessary to connect with the battle space through interfaces to command and control systems like MEDUSA, FAAD-C2 and IBCS.
      • MFATS. Get the most from your platform’s sensors with real-time, multi-modal sensor fusion. Integrate threat data from radar, EO/IR, passive RF, ELINT, infrared search and track sensors and more to provide operators a precise threat picture for decision making and fire control. Field-proven and relied on where it matters most, MFATS delivers.

Networked, Multi-Platform Solutions

Today’s threat environment calls for distributed, multi-platform solutions, Numerica’s technology can help. In addition to the benefits outlined above, our products enable robust distributed operations with benefits including:


  • Spyglass. Disaggregate sensing for survival and resilience in contested battle space.  Spyglass integrates MFATS to create a seamless distributed network of radars spread across many platforms.
  • MIMIR. Do more with less. Take command of multiple platforms with MIMIR’s fully distributed architecture supporting multi-platform discovery and control.  Operate dynamic networks of capabilities to ensure the mission gets done effectively and efficiently.  MIMIR allows multiple users to operate networks of systems from anywhere.
      • MFATS. Distribute capability through the battlefield to increase survivability and lethality. The MFATS sensor fusion capability is fully distributed, executing at the edge and creating a single, integrated fused threat picture across your dynamic network of platforms. Optimize mission effectiveness by ensuring weapons get the most accurate data even when onboard sensors are degraded by environmental or hostile interference.


Spyglass™ radar is a purpose-built multi-mission Ku-band radar with an exceptional performance to SWaP-C ratio. Spyglass radar addresses Short-Range Air Defense (SHORAD) inclusive of Counter-small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-sUAS), ground surveillance and other short range defense missions.

Superior Precision

The Spyglass radar utilizes Ku-band Phased Array technology to provide precise, fire control quality tracks at extended ranges.


Advanced signal processing algorithms allow for superior detection range while maintaining a reduced RF signature.

Close the Gap

Traditional pulse-doppler radar designs leave you blind up close. The Spyglass radar’s unique design ensures you don’t miss the threat that pops-up right in front of you.

Deploy Anywhere

With a rugged, solid-state design, low-power consumption and low-transmit power, the Spyglass radar is built to be deployed anywhere you need it.

Your Mission, Covered

Spyglass radar is designed to enable broad-area autonomous sensor networks. Software-defined operating modes enable rapid customization to specific mission requirements.

Trusted U.S. Partner

Designed and manufactured in the U.S. by trusted defense partners, Numerica is a non-traditional small business defense contractor.


MIMIR is a software product for integrating networks of sensors and weapons. MIMIR includes MFATS for sensor data fusion and a lightweight user display for operator engagement.


Improve operator command of the situation in complex and dynamic environments.


Adapt faster than the threat, bringing new sensors and effectors to bear with ease.


Leverage wide area and multi-system C2 for layered defense applications with autonomous asset discovery.


Achieve improved targeting precision and situational awareness through true real-time data fusion.


MFATS addresses the unique challenges of fusing radar with EO/IR, ELINT and other kinds of sensors that provide non-3D data.

Seamless Failover

Leverage all your sensors without a single point of failure.

Spyglass Radar Certifications

ANAB ANSI National Accreditation Board Badge
Platinum Registration Certified Badge

The Spyglass radar device is not available for sale to US commercial customers.