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Numerica deploys best-in-class technology solving some of our country’s greatest defense challenges in air and missile defense.

At Numerica, we are driven by a pioneering spirit and an unwavering focus on our customers’ success. We are energized by the prospect of a difficult technical problem, especially when others say it can’t be done. Our solutions are deployed in some of the most critical defense systems around the world.

Bring Your Impossible

Innovation for the most challenging environments


Numerica solutions provide new levels of actionable information to decision makers, and our advanced algorithms and software are deployed in systems around the world. As a non-traditional small business defense contractor, Numerica employs world-class scientists, engineers and software architects that deliver state-of-the-art technology.

New threats require new thinking – and what is the status quo today won’t likely solve tomorrow’s problems. Whether we’re preparing to deal with advanced threats in air and missile defense or developing novel sensor capabilities, we focus on solving our customers’ top priorities.


Air Defense at Numerica

Air Defense

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Missile Defense

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Core Technologies

Join us in tackling the world’s most challenging defense problems

Each Numerican, as we call ourselves, inherently strives for excellence and customer success in everything we do. We are expected to ask tough questions and deliver outstanding products, and we do. That’s life at Numerica.

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